Con Man "Alan Freed, Jr." Public Commentary

Were you conned by this guy calling himself Alan Freed, Jr.? Please share your story wish us. Do you know anything about this guy? Do you know where he can be found? Feel free to chime in with stories or information.

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Date Posted: 2005-06-01 01:14:11
this bastard, I'm not sure if he's for real or not but when I saw this webpage I thought that my basic gut feeling that he's a scam artist is true...he told me that we'll meet this June 1 2005...I met him yesterday, May 30...I gave him $20...heh, the con man has some skill in pulling some heartstrings....he said that we'll meet tomorrow at 2 o'clock Starbucks, at Bush and Grant, by the Entrance at Chinatown
Posted By: rEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-01 01:14:58
should I meet him or not? I guess not....
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Date Posted: 2005-06-01 01:32:31
I've a strange feeling that this website is set-up by the con-man Alan Freed Jr. himself...I guess Alan Freed Jr.'s promise of a life changing experience is "Don't trust anybody..."
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Date Posted: 2005-06-01 01:32:37
I've a strange feeling that this website is set-up by the con-man Alan Freed Jr. himself...I guess Alan Freed Jr.'s promise of a life changing experience is "Don't trust anybody..."
Posted By: LaszloEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-02 00:19:30
This web site was set up by me, Laszlo Uriel. You can look up the domain in whois. My postal address is available.

I see I'm going to have to put a check in to prevent people fro posting the same message twice. :)

I went to meet him. He never showed. He owes me $40.
Posted By: REmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-02 01:48:38
Can you please show me the messages of other people who got conned by this bastard, alias "Alan Freed JR."?
Posted By: AEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-09 05:20:15
Man, that man can tell a good story, but I knew he wasn't telling the truth, but he still got 10 bucks out of me. I really just wanted him to leave me alone after about 10 minutes of the wealthy, eccentric philanthropist who feeds the homeless story. All I could think was, if he's so wealthy, why does he have 2 teeth?
He's supposed to meet me at the Pittsburg BART tommorrow to give me a check for 10 million dollars. I wished I would've used that 10 bucks for beer :(
Posted By: JEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-14 23:13:05
So...he got me for $20 about two or three weeks ago. If I see him, I might just take that stupid radio of his...or maybe the key to the honda. After all, its about time he gets out of dodge.
Posted By: sougumeEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-17 18:16:28
The stories are true, Alan Freed Jr. has 24 of my dollars and I didn't even bother to meet him at the Starbucks because I ran across this website. After researching his father and learning that he died a penniless man, I thought why not look up this guy because if he was who he said he was surely something would come up, and it did. If I run into him at the corner of Bush and Grant again he better hope he has a gun or a knife because he wont have any teeth when I'm through with him.
Posted By: LaszloEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-19 04:14:03
The story he told me had him inheriting directly from his filthy-rich grandfather. He also gave me a list of names of his siblings. None of these things were mentioned in any Alan Freed [Sr.] biographies. The real Alan Freed did have several children, but this con man guy didn't have any of the correct names.

He told me he would meet me the following monday at the donut shop on Van Ness street. I figured I would never see him again, but I have an insatiable sweet tooth, so I went for the donuts. He never showed, but the donuts were very good.
Posted By: Alan Freed, Jr.Email: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-24 22:35:27
I am Alan Freed, Jr. I'm not the "grandson" of Alan Freed, the man who coined the name, "Rock n' Roll." I'm his youngest son and I live in Milwaukee, WI. I don't appreciate this asshole holding himself out as Alan Freed's grandson. For one thing, Alan Freed doesn't have any grandson, although he does have four granddaughters through his first-born son, Lance Freed, who lives in L.A. and Australia. Please tell your readers not to confuse the conman with me, since we apparently have the same names. I am a civil rights attorney in Milwaukee and believe me, I have never sold sandwiches...
Posted By: LaszloEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-26 01:07:46
I apologize for being unclear. This con man's story is that he's Alan Freed's son, but that the well-known Alan Freed's FATHER was filthy rich, and it's Alan Freed's father this 'Jr." guy inhereted from.

However, the details of his con are irrelevent, except perhaps that they're interesting in that it's such a successful nickel-and-dime scam. Whatever the lie, he's some guy making a free living lying to people, besmirching someone else's reputation.

Hey Alan, are you really Alan Freed Jr.? Hehe, I'm sorry to say, it's likely nobody posting here will ever believe it. d'oh!
Posted By: withheldEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-06-30 11:38:59
To find ALan Freed Jr is to go to the alley on Bush St just west of Grant and
you'll find him staying in a pile of filthy boxes. Tell him I said hello and I hope he spent my 14.00 dollars well.
Posted By: BEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-07-09 22:34:54
I just dropped him $15 because I thought it was the thing to do...I was brought up to help people. But his story has gotten bigger...he is going on tour with Frank Sinatra Jr...he even sang me a big band song that he said that he wrote. About the teeth...he said that he has spent 1205 days in the last 12 years in a coma because of four tragic accidents...the last accident knocked out 26 of his teeth...he is having surgery in two weeks...yeah right. He told me he met what he called "The Boss" while in a coma...the "creator" if everything including God and Jesus. WOW. The I asked him how his grandfather got rich and he proceeded to tell me that it was his great-grandfather who made the fortune by owning a stagecoach company in Europe where he transported royalty...Anyway, I probably made him talk to me for quite a long time...I asked him several stories. He called himself "Midnight Magic." Beware of this guy, unless you are just wanting to help someone out. But don't expect to get anything in return. But you can get a great story...
Posted By: JEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-07-15 18:03:13
Mr. "Midnight Magic" approached me last night outside of my work. He spun his routine yarn. I gave him 5 bucks. He asked me to go to an ATM for the difference, I said i had no card...then he started questioning ME about my honesty!!!! WHatever, i left having been entertained by a desperate man telling a lie, though he is somewhat articulate and has his own brand of bottom feeder charm.
BUT!! The bastard showed up at my work the next morning and sat outside and waited for me!!!!! Lines were crossed, and I managed to evade his toothless phony altruistic shit-eating grin and went home. I will see on monday if he shows up again. If so, i will offer him a copy of these testimonials, and demand my five bucks back. To all with a kind heart and trusting disposition......beware..
Posted By: L.TEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-07-15 21:34:41
I feel so foolish as I write this. I am also a little afraid, as now I am so distrusting, I don't want this bastard to read this. He can reach me, because he obviously followed me, and two days after he tried to scam me, he showed up at my place of work.
I was on Stockton and Maiden Lane on Sunday, a week ago. He did his Alan Freed thing, did the sandwich thing, and showed me a parking ticket from the Sutter/Stockton garage. Having parked in the garage myself for years, I know that the exit box eats the ticket, so I figured it might be legit.
I had left my home that A.M. with no bills, just coins. I would have helped him otherwise.
He must have followed me, saw where I went, and two, days later he showed up at my building, described me to the security gaurd and entered my place of business. It frightened me so much.
I have alerted the building that I work in, and was told the camera on the premises has him on film. I am awaiting that photo.
I have spoken to a friend of mine who is a police officer, and plan to make a complaint when said picture of him arrives. I think. After all, he know where I am. What to do?
Posted By: LaszloEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-07-21 18:46:01
So far I've not heard any reports of this Alan Freed Jr. (sic) guy threatening or hurting anyone. He's a liar, so I wouldn't put it past him to be a stealer of property, but that's quite different from actually being a physical threat.

Still, it's important that every person keep in mind that it's up to them, and them alone, to defend themselves against danger. So think tactically and defensively. If you can actually catch him in the act of breaking the law, maybe we can get HIM some free sandwiches in 850 Bryant for a while.
Posted By: AnonymousEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-07-26 01:41:36
I gave him some money even though I didn't believe his story. My question is .... What is his REAL story? He's Jewish, seems bright and did not seem to be an addict or mentally ill. But beyond the toothlessness, he looks like he's been through hell. What happened to him? Prison? Physical abuse? Perhaps I shouldn't, but I feel sorry for the guy.
Posted By: unnervedEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-03 13:56:02
Goodness... okay, i feel awfully unnerved... tried to give him the benefit of the doubt (by the way, he know about this site, he asked me to "discredit" it), but ultimately walked away after hearing the spiel, feeling guilty but ultimately confident I was making the right call... makes me sad also, my father is brilliant, charming... and a diagnosed schitzophrenic, mr. freed might be mentally ill himself... regardless, he stepped way over the line and after reading other letters posted on this site i'm feeling a bit nervous about him following me around now... yikes...
Posted By: unnervedEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-03 14:34:15
Goodness... okay, i feel awfully unnerved... tried to give him the benefit of the doubt (by the way, he know about this site, he asked me to "discredit" it), but ultimately walked away after hearing the spiel, feeling guilty but ultimately confident I was making the right call... makes me sad also, my father is brilliant, charming... and a diagnosed schitzophrenic, mr. freed might be mentally ill himself... regardless, he stepped way over the line and after reading other letters posted on this site i'm feeling a bit nervous about him following me around now... yikes...
Posted By: unnervedEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-03 14:34:29
Goodness... okay, i feel awfully unnerved... tried to give him the benefit of the doubt (by the way, he know about this site, he asked me to "discredit" it), but ultimately walked away after hearing the spiel, feeling guilty but ultimately confident I was making the right call... makes me sad also, my father is brilliant, charming... and a diagnosed schitzophrenic, mr. freed might be mentally ill himself... regardless, he stepped way over the line and after reading other letters posted on this site i'm feeling a bit nervous about him following me around now... yikes...
Posted By: TRAMP-ONLINEEmail:
Date Posted: 2005-08-03 20:20:42
What a dog! What a dog!
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Posted By: PRINCE_ALIEmail:
Date Posted: 2005-08-03 20:23:03
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Posted By: DeliaEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-05 00:43:23
More disheartening than some man weaving stories to seduce people into promises of big money for big hearts was the "knocking out the rest of his teeth" comment.

10 million dollar checks? Who really believed that? And then there's a cry for retribution for someone who's sleeping in an alley and quite possibly seriously believes his delusions?

The stalking and showing up in places of businesses is certainly frightening and worthy of action...but it also seems like evidence that "the boy ain't right."

So go without Starbucks for a couple days and don't stop to talk to toothless strangers in the future. Jeesh.
Posted By: eriqEmail:
Date Posted: 2005-08-07 05:30:34
oh motherfucker. what a grand way to end my shitty night at work, this dude stops me on sacramento and montgomery, and gives me his speil, dad coined "rock n roll" and blah blah blah, fuck i'm so angry and annoyed right now, he said he need $21, i gave him $40, oh god damnit. i was like, he's toothless, but whatever, this could be plausible. sorry for all the swearing, it just sucks. i should have bailed as soon as i saw the hunger in his eyes once i pulled out the money and hesitated, he was like, c'mon, gimme the money, just gimme the money. then after i gave it to him, the more i thought about his story and the more it didn't make any fucking sense. so whatever, i guess from now on, no money for street people policy goes into full effect. i told him where i work, though, if he shows up, i'm gonna make sure the cops be there immediately.
Posted By: steveEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-07 19:24:31
Could someone please describe his spiel so the people who hadn't been conned YET will know what to look or listen for. Thanks. Sorry, Eriq about the "shitty night at work"...
Posted By: LaszloEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-08 18:08:27
Steve, here's the story *I* have heard, one he apparenty uses a lot.

This fellow says he's a filthy rich philanthropist who spends time making sandwiches and giving them to the poor and homeless. He says his name is Alan Freed, Jr., son of the famous radio personality who is credited with coining the term "Rock and Roll". As the story goes, he inherited a disgustingly large amount of money from his grandfather, and now whenever HE is in need, he finds people who are willing to help him out with a loan, promising to meet with that person a few days later and give them lots and lots of money for being a good samaritan.

Typically the trouble he claims to be in is that he really fancy-shmancy car is stuck in an expensive parking garage, like at the Embarcadero. He needs $28 or $32 or some such thing, and he needs it soon, otherwise all the free sandwiches for the homeless he made himself and left in his trunk will go bad.

And of course he's got explainations for everything, like his bad teeth, and he adds little comments in passing about odd things like how the shoes he's wearing were custom made (they look custom made at Goodwill for $1.50). For good measure he lists all his siblings' names (of course when you look up Alan Freed's children none of the names match), that kind of thing.

He's really put a lot of effort into his systematic stealing of peoples' money. If only he'd put the same amount of energy into something with a little honor in it, like learning a trade. Hell, I've covered most of his tuition for a city college course, if only he used all the free money for intelligent things like THAT.

Me, I just want my $40 bucks back. I never expected to get a bazillion dollars. I figured he was desperate so he made up a story to get some help...little did I know EVERYTHING he said was one giant f-ing lie, and he just wanted to steal my money from me...and others.

As for whether this fellow is mentally ill, I have no idea. I don't really care. His bahavior is that of lying and stealing. The affect he has on people in our society is destructive, not only financially, but peoples' trust is being violated, causing them to change their behavior with regards to helping people.

This person is victimizing people directly and indirectly, and that's totally unacceptable.
Posted By: SteveEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-22 21:29:52
He approached me last night after midnight while I was waiting for the 1 at Sacramento and Battery. I've been conned before, so I knew what was up from the moment he started talking. He said that he had had 4 tragic accidents and spent 1205 days comatose in the last 18 years in a coma. The midnight magic thing came up too. He asked me if I believe in miracles and told me that he was going to blow my mind. He spent way too long on the pitch, and the bus came just as he got to the part about needing $30 for the garage. He's a good talker, nice suit too. I gave him a buck and a cigarette. I'm not so well off myself.
Posted By: Joe StirlingEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-27 16:49:37
I cant believe it. I was meant to meet this guy in an hour and I just thought I would check him out on the web. I am 19 years old and travelling on a small budget and the money I gave that motherfucker could have been spent on a days worth of meals. Jesus I feel like an idiot I really do. I made my money working in a school in England and it means a lot to me and for some reason I was taken in- I thought I was helping out. What a fucking asshole
Posted By: TomEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-30 15:56:22
Just gave him a few bucks myself at sansome & clay. I figured it was a con, but he plays that taking a chance on someone card really well. He initially referred to himself as Midnight Magic [i think], and then went into the big Alan Freed Jr. Con. I will say that he is at least entertaining. He apppears to like this area although I dont recall seeing him around here before. I will watch for him now. hey! at least we're not alone. I normally dont give out more than a buck and that rarely. Sometimes I look behind me for the guy with the big sign that says "SUCKER" because these people always seem to head straight for me. I dont know if the cops could even do anything to this guy but it might be fun to turn him in.
Posted By: TomEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-30 17:00:48
Oh yea, if anyone thinks he'll show up,
08/31/05 at Sansome & Commercial, between clay and sacramento.
Posted By: RaulEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-08-30 21:16:00
I just met the guy. Story, same. so funny though, I gave him 5 bucks for the story and I knew he was a con. Honestly, he is no different than big business con artsts just on the lowest scale. So for me the 5 bucks was worth it.

In short, I am truly a person without much trust for people I don't know. If someone asking for help approaches me and they got a good story you never heard, then the money is worth it for me. Ultimately, he needs it. There are too many scoundrels on this planet for me to single out one.

May G-d bless his soul
Posted By: ScammedEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-09-23 13:09:02
Well, it seems the the old guy is still at it. I met him a couple of days ago, and I got the same story pretty much, except that he said he had left his keys, wallet and cell phone accidently at his Calistoga house, and needed a few bucks until he got home. But despite all of his stories, he looked in pretty bad shape, so when he asked for a mitzvah, I conceded. I never expected to see my $20 again. But, I was treated to 10 minutes of comedian impersonations and several really bad jokes. All in all, not a bad trade.
Posted By: jesseEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-09-28 02:04:58
ran into him tonight... he got 15 bucks from me. i knew it was probably a scam, and was sure after i gave him the money and he asked me for more so that he could get something to eat. (after telling me he had a bunch of sandwhiches) like the above poster though, i was treated to about 10 minutes of impressions, songs, and jokes. and the story was almost worth it.
Posted By: SteveEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-04 15:53:23
I met him last week next in the walkway that runs along the Four Seasons where I was reading a book and smoking a pipe. Reason enough for SF to permit smoking somewhere indoors. He gave me the same pitch complete with his story of touring with Frank Sinatra, Jr. He even sang a few song and did some pretty good impressions. I knew he was likely homeless and was willing to give him some money without his elaborate story. Indeed, I gave him $25 before he spun the story of my check for $10 million that I would receive next week. Frankly, he was so entertaining, he earned the $25. He would be better off as a street performer. He really can sing and he really can do impressions. I am not sure that he does not believe the crazy stories he tells. They are pretty improbable--a toothless man who has not bathed carrying his belongings on his back while driving a Rolls and making sandwiches for the poor when not touring with Frank Sinatra, Jr.and claiming to be the incredibly wealthy son of a man who is well known to have died penniless. Caveat emptor.
Posted By: JeffEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-10 19:18:25
Great con man... I just fell for it at the corner of Montgomery & Washington. What the hell... for $40 and 10 minutes of my time, I got a few hours of fantasizing about receiving a life-changing check for $10 million. The money is surely worth more to that toothless character living in a trash heap I presume. Oh well, hope he spends it well. Got to give him credit for playing on all of our heartstrings with something more than the 'poor me, homeless and hungry' routine... I guess I should head back to my day job. Looks like I'll be needing it for awhile more... :-)
Posted By: SteveEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-11 17:29:58
Well I just got suckered by Mr. Midnight Magic/Alan Freed Jr. Damn it, you would think after getting asked for money EVERY day that I would have more sense! He went through the "You may have heard of me...blah, blah, blah. I've been written up in all these newspapers about my humanitarian efforts of feeding the homeless 4 days a week for the past 7 years." THEN he hit me with the 4 years in a coma bit, the Frank Sinatra Jr. bit, that he is friends with Sandy Hackett who is currently staring in the Rat Pack play in town and that he needed to get back home where all of his sandwich supplies are. Toothless bastard...I want my $10 bucks back you fake!
Posted By: Gregory CardinaleEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-12 21:42:13
Wow...I thought this guy was just another creepy con artist hanging out at the Embarcadero but now I see he has a web site dedicated to him! :)

I got the "I'm the son of Alan Freed" introduction but I explained to him that I had no idea who Alan Freed was, and that I don't listen to Rock'n'Roll because I feel it is the Devil's music. (I don't really think that). He asked me for cash and I told him I don't carry any. He said something about "yeah, but there are other ways to get cash" and I told him "I know...I pitch to VCs on Sand Hill Road all the time." Not amused.

He told me he was from the Bronx originally. Being a native NYer, I asked him a few questions about the Bronx and NYC, and he changed the subject. No surprise.

I give the guy credit for providing some entertainment, and apparently some consistency, but I would never, even give anyone cash on the street.'s the NYer in me!

Posted By: ChristineEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-17 20:57:36
Okay, So we were in the same above mentioned alley ways surrounding Union square yesterday when "Midnight Magic" approached us. I was with 3 other people and he went on and on about giving sandwiches to homeless and his dead grandfather and how he could make us financialy secure for life. Long story short, everytime I tried to leave he would start up again. He wanted us to follow him to his car so we could pay his parking bill. Finally one of my friends gave him $21 bucks. Now I'm kinda freaked out, he asked how he could get the money back to us. I gave him my buisness card, Thank God I don't work in the city.
Posted By: JanEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-20 20:46:39
Hello everyone! My name is jan and i have started a "i got conned by allen freed" myspace page. if you have a myspace page please feel free to add me to your freinds list. I want to get this guys name all over myspace so if you have been conned by this ass clown please email me on myspace.
all you have to do is search for the name allen freed in myspace and it should come up. Secondly if you run in to allen freed on the streets again take his picture and send it to me and kick real hard.
P.s. i have also have been conned my wife posted the last comment.
Posted By: kyleEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-28 01:06:37
Just thought I would drop my story of being conned out of $20 dollars like the rest of you. Mine was today at Pier 1 in San Francisco and tomorrow I'm suppose to meet him at Starbucks in downtown. I guess that even after listing to his crazy story. I still found it in my heart to give him the money. I look at it like one day that could be us begging for money. So why not? My story is the same as everyone elses, so why go any further. BUT DAMN I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Good luck!
Posted By: dudeEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-10-31 14:01:20
I was pretty sure the guy was a scammer but I gave him money anyway (about $15). I figured he probably needed it more than I did. His story was not particularly plausible, and frankly I was a little annoyed he didn't get to the point sooner, but I also figured maybe the guy needs somebody to listen to him. I don't want my money back, he can have it. At least he asks for what he wants... I gave 10 cents to a guy the other day because he was asking everyone for "eight cents". This guy asked for more and got it. I think that's life. All you guys who got "conned", hey, you agreed to give him the money... live with your choice. And if it really bothers you that maybe the "wrong guy" got the money, give a $20 bill to somebody random who you think is more deserving, to make up for it. Most of you probably won't miss the $20 anyway. I do, by the way, think the guy is nuts. Which doesn't make him a saint, but FWIW this guy has found a way to make a living. It's a little odd that he uses the same name so people can look him up on the internet, that's one reason I think he's loony frankly.
Posted By: frankEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-11-05 21:38:49
it happened today. 11.05.05--at about 1pm in san francisco. i'll still show up at that starbucks, anyway. even though, after googling the right words just after i got home, my faith in this guy is destroyed by this websight. i figured it was a lie. but i wanted to believe, i guess. he is convincing. at least about being loyal to paying you back. he does look bad, even in a comical way, but his clothes aren't torn rags, he's not smelly, and his speech is understandable. so he's not like the bums and druggies asking for handouts throughout san francisco's financial district. (i wanted to believe.) but that's how it is-- the lessons we learn--we know better than this--we soon forget--and then we have to learn the lesson all over again. i guess he's still in sf
Posted By: JackEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-11-07 21:13:30
it's monday november 7th 2005. me and a buddy were at 5th and market smoking. mr midnight magic gives us the story of the samiches, the rolls, leaving briefcase at home, dental appt next friday, has 6 bux and needs 21 to get his car out of the sutter / stockton garage. almost had me fooled with the nice shoes. saw his fingernails and said forget it. if i see him again and feel like he's stalking me, i'll knock the rest of his teef out.
Posted By: GadflyEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-11-29 10:34:53
Ran into the guy at the mall at Powell station with the Nordstrom's in it. I used to do door-to-door sales and also trained people to do what this guy was doing, more or less, all the same basic manipulation tactics. I told him this, and that his pitch was so smooth and rehearsed, that either he was the most articulate human on earth, or he'd delivered that story at least a million times. Oh the beautiful acting job he did of looking so deeply pained and hurt to not be believed.

Gave him money anyway; his story, at least when he delivered it to me, was so well done, so compelling. . .it was just great street theater and worth the price of admission.
Posted By: BethEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-12-05 22:28:08
And to think I could have given my money to someone who offers honest street entertainment. Like the guy who plays the drums at the Ferry Plaza. Oh well, at least I got a cigarette out of him.
Posted By: MichaelEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-12-12 06:16:33
Yeah Sunday night I was working and decided to take a break and went to the Vietnamese Cafe on 5th and Minna. He walked in and we started talking about Rock and Roll and then he ordered his own pastry. Then he went through his speil which now includes Robin Williams as one of his helpers in doling out sandwhiches. We had a marvelous time and I enjoyed his routine. Such a contrast from the others nearby playing up their waiting at Death's door act. So when I offered him only a portion of his needed $21 he was still very charming and continued to promise me the whatever million dollar amount. As I left him to return to work at the studio I had a smile on my face.
Not so many years ago I myself was homeless. A condition that was brought on by drug addiction. But nevertheless I know most people look down with severe judgement on the down and out. And to find a hustler that leaves you with a smile. Well hey a few bucks ain't nothing compared to what some desperate people are willing to do. You should ask him to sing a Roy orbison song before you knock his teeth out.
Posted By: RosalieEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-12-16 14:59:42
The story was entertaining. I feel a little cheated though, cause I didn't get nearly as much detail or a song. I actually went across the street to the ATM and got out $20 and came back and gave it to him. I told him he had to wait there and I would give him $20. He did. I didn't believe his story and didn't even set up a meeting to meet him. He seemed desperate. And I figured it is Christmas and if he is willing to make up stories to get money, he must really need it. I am glad I found this website, I didn't realize how long he had been at it or how grand his scheme was. I don't feel bad for giving him the money, I just hope he did get something to eat.
Posted By: AndrewEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2005-12-17 20:02:16
Got hit up by him on Market Street on Dec 14th. Gave me the same story, said he was from Calistoga and had just forgotten his keys, wallet and cell phone at home while in town to do his good deed of sandwich delivery. Told me had given this "gift" to 45 other people and it would change my life. I just thought he needed to get out of the garage, told me we could go up and see his Rolls Royce, but then he would refuse to accept the money if he had to prove it to me. I got some bad jokes and impersonations while walking to the ATM. He's ok with his story at first, but like some other posts it's the rehashed feel of it. Didn't really expect to see my money again, but with Xmas and all just figured that sometimes people need help. I've given money to a guy locked out of his car before and received it back, but he got a pretty hungry look when he saw the $20, but I gave it to him anyways. Knew after seeing this site I was never getting my 10 million dollars, but didn't we all know that even before we googled "Alan Freed Jr". If I see him on the street again I'm going to give him some shit and warn those he's talking to, I'm sure he does pretty well for himself, but I'm not going to kick his teeth in.
Posted By: evrinEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-02-01 22:04:32
i just got fucked in the ass, but hey it only cost me $20
Posted By: evrinEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-02-01 22:04:50
i just got fucked in the ass, but hey it only cost me $20
Posted By: Mike BennewitzEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-02-09 14:13:03
I gave Midnight Magic $12 bucks yesterday. I gave it as a lark. I did not believe I would receive anything for it but the time spent talking to him. Given my financial situation, it was an expensive lark, but I've wasted money on bad movies before too.
Didn't have a chance to read all these posts, but details from my encounter that are missing from the others is a thinly veiled messianic theme. He spoke mostly about asking "The BOSS" for favors. The Boss was above God. God worked for the boss. Sounded gnostic. which resonates personally with me. He didn't bite when I mentined the demiurgos though. He said that The Boss just sent him a message that I was #11, and that there were 10 others and one more to come. this came after a statement that he neve fully made, but suggested that in some places he would be crucified for it. That statement careened into this 11 bit, and I took it to mean that he saw himself as an incarantion of Christ and I would be one of his appostles. I would know when the time came, the boss would call me. All allusions, nothing as direct as claiming Christhood or "Apostles."
Also, he did not offer the 10 million untill after I gave him the money. the promise was that I would not believe the way he would repay me, but he wouldn't tell me untill I told him. TECHNICALLY, he did not con me. He was right. I didn't believe his story. Not a bit of it. I do not believe that he will repay me as he says, and he is right. that is technically all he promised. Everyone here claiming that he "stole" money is offbase. Everyone gave him the money on something they knew to be so improbable that they thought it was probably a scam. Looks like a scam, smells like a scam, probably is a scam. I just played along to see. Good story I got out of it. My wife is always talking about the old lady with no relatives who wills her house to the one person who was kind. More than anything I did it for the sake of believing that crazy random things like that are possible, though HIGHLY unlikely. Mostly, it is unfortunate that this kind of con ruins the chances of people who actually are honest and needy to be believed.
About an hour left till he said he'd call. I'm very curious to know if he does. the me.FREED.anything email poetry posts seem to be him. He did ask me, first, if I had seen him around or heard of "Midnight Magic". I guess if I'd said yes he wouldn't have bothered. Gotta love google for finding this site. somehow I knew there would be one. Thanks to Lazlo.
Posted By: CurtEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-02-11 11:29:58
I was walking north toward the Chinatown gate to get something to eat around 8-9PM on a Monday night. He stopped me and then told me that I was special or blessed or something to that effect, and that I was the first one to respond to him all night. Something about gifts was mentioned. He had a spiritual air about him. He told me that he spends his day giving out sandwiches to homeless people. He said that people like Bill Gates hate him, but people like Steve Martin and Opera Winfrey love him. While he was talking, some noisy skaters flew by, which interrupted his spiel, and for the first time brought to my attention that what he was saying had been rehearsed, because he repeated his last broken sentence while fleetingly wearing a facial expression that looked like he was recalling something from memory. That sort of broke the trance. He said he wasn't looking for a handout. I told him I wouldn't give him any gifts at that time. In my mind I was thinking if his story was true, I could learn about him from people in town or on the internet, come back and give him something. He said he could show me his rolls royce to prove that he was indeed not poor. I told him no thanks, and that if fate or God would have it, I would run into him again after verifying his story. He started showing frustration at this point. He asked me how old I was, probably because I look young but wasn't giving him anything. I told him 33. He asked me if I had ever spent money on anything frivolous. I said no. Then in a scowling voice, he said I was pitiful. :) Walking away, I smiled and thought, maybe he's right, and I should be more frivolous and spend money on things that make me happy. If he had approached me differently and clearly offered a story in exchange for money. I may have felt differently and considered it. But I guess I missed the point :)

I did give him something valueble though -- time. I spent what seemed like 5 minutes, maybe more, I don't know, listening to this guy. This is funny because I was trying to get away the entire time, with one foot pointed toward the direction I was going. What is also funny is that I still felt compelled check out his story when I got back from my trip, and I found this site. We are contributing to the mystique of Midnight Magic.

Posted By: TonyEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-02-23 22:18:40
Hey all. Was approached by our friend today at the Metreon Food Court, and yup gave him 20 spots, believing it was all a scam, but it was a fun story. It's interesting the things he changes and the things he keeps. Here are the highlights:

- "You are the first one to talk to me after 86 people"
- Asking if he can join me for lunch (he had a bag of fries he scammed earlier, I gave him 1/2 my sandwich, but he didn't eat during his whole spiel)
- "My grandpa died..."
- Allusions to Howard Hughes and others who gave strangers money for kindness
- "The Boss" and how he talks to him (though he got 2 "insights" completly wrong about me)
- The helping the homeless bit
- He left his wallet, cell and ID at home
- His house was in Calistoga, his car in a garage with $24 bill, and he only had $6
- His name was Alan, he also went by "Midnight Magic"
- He was going on tour with Frank Sinatra, Jr.
- He has to get his teeth fixed next week before he goes on tour
- Adimant that he WAS going to pay me my $20 back tomorrow, and he didn't want charity
- After giving him $20, he reveals he has $4.7 billion, and will give me $10 million, wired from Chase Manhatten to Washington Mutual.
- Two catches, 1) 1 Mill to the Homeless, 2) If there is a book or movie about this encounter, don't mention his name.
- Meet him tomorrow back at where we ate at 2.

It's interesting to see what "tidbits" I didn't bite on to get more of his story (who was his grandfather, how did he lose his teeth, how'd he get his billions.)

After telling my wife about this, she Googled Midnight Magic Alan and here were are!

Posted By: PollyEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-03-16 01:36:23
I thouroughly enjoyed my con tonight on Kearny St. I think the most valuable thing is for the rest of my walk home I got to think of what I could do with my 10 mil so I'll be all prepared when I win the lottery. I just might go to meet him tomorrow by that god awful water sculpture at Embarcadero 4 to hear what he has to say, he was very interesting.

Posted By: EricEmail:
Date Posted: 2006-04-04 16:20:49

Just got scammed by this guy. I tell ya, it was a doozy of a story, and as far as I'm concerned well worth the $18 I dropped. By far the most talented pan handler I have ever come across. If I see him again, I'll give him 2 bucks to tell a joke.
Posted By: (Anonymous)Email: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-04-06 18:07:40
This guy is awesome!!! None of his stories make sense but wow, he can talk a good talk. Talked about politics and big corporations,etc. Didn't get my cash though cause it was too obvious.
Posted By: Aaron AmousEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-04-24 05:08:05
I was approached by a guy calling himself "Midnight Magic" in front of Equniox gym (formerly the Pacific Stock Exchange) today. My BS detector went off as soon as he started talking to me. When con men talk I tend to tune out and get bored.

He was laying some sort of hippy guilt-trip thing on me about how he was a champion of the homeless, made 300 sandwiches a weekend for them and (this is when I started to tune out)... Car stuck in a garage... Not enough money to get it out... People judge each other by their appearences too much... Don't need money... Need money...

So when he asked me if I could help him I said No. He asked my why not (agast at man's cruelty twords one another) and I gave him my honest answer "I don't want to help you." I told him that he could probably reason with the attendant but he just walked away muttering more hippy guilt-trip BS over his shoulder.

Posted By: AveryEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-04-26 00:26:52
I gave him 10 bucks. After that he went into the milion dollar stuff, but he also told he needed another 6 for the parking ticket. I told he was either the most generous man I had ever met, or the best lier, but that I was saying goodbye either way. The only detail he gave me which differs from what I've heard is that he was with Opra when she gave 10 mil to a hobo.

Also, can we all agree that nameing yourself Mr. Midnight Magic is totally bad ass.
Posted By: MattEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-05-02 20:48:41
Mr. Midnight Magic approached me while I was on my way to work on Sunday morning (4/30) as I was walking under the Transamerica building. He walked along with me and gave me his story... it's so sad how people don't trust each other and that I have this life changing opportunity...his'81 Rolls Royce was in the parking garage and he left his keys at his home in Calistoga. He's very wealthy - a great philanthropist and he feeds the hungry (he did mention Oprah) I gave him my story. I told him how I'm in grad school and work and how hard it is for me to save money. I told him that he really is lucky to be independantly wealthy and that surely he could work things out. I didn't give him any money and he couldn't believe that I was passing - this life changing opportunity would certainly never happen again! I wished him the best of luck and left.

He must have watched me or followed me as I continued to work. He came in my place of business this afternoon (5/2). He said he wanted to thank me and said that what I did was one of the most generous things anyone has done for him. He told me that he had a blank cashiers check waiting (at the Embarcadero Post office I think). I reminded him that I wished him luck and left. He looked a bit puzzled and asked, "but you really did want to help right?" He said that he hadn't slept in 48 hours and he'd been a little confused. I told him that I never give money to people I don't know. He continued to look at me like I was the stupidest person he'd ever met and reminded me of the 45 people who's lives were forever changed after they showed an act of kindness toward him. I apologized and assured him that I would not give him any money. With that, he left - disgusted. As he was leaving he said, "you'll never work in California again; I'll make sure first thing tomorrow..."
Posted By: V-RexEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-05-07 15:50:43
Met Freed Jr at a mailbox on Clay Street. Wary of him from the start, knew that at best he wanted a hand-out, and thought he could possibly be a dangerous whack-job. The story was all the same as described by everyone else, but I'm one of the people who actually agreed to give hm $30.00, after a trip to the ATM, no less, BEFORE he ever mentioned the $10 million. He had alluded to repaying me in a couple of days, and not wanting a hand-out, but I honestly just wanted to give him the dough and never see him again at that point. After I gave him the cash and said I didn't want repayment, he went on about the millions and we agreed to meet at the Starbucks across the street. Of course I wanted to believe him, and on the slim chance he was telling the truth, I would absolutely stop in to a coffe shop 30 seconds from my hotel. But then I googled the crusty douchebag.

Here's my bitch: I didn't really believe his story, and told him so, but I figured even if he was lying about the circumstances, he definitely needed the money either way. Plus, I felt a little guilty for blowing so much goddamn money in the strip club all week, that I felt sort of a karma-induced push to help the guy out. What was another $30? (One less table dance, as it turns out.) But the reason I want to kick this guy in the spleen is that, eveen after I gave him the dough, he still wanted to set me up to waste my time by "meeting" him on Tuesday. Not a very nice thing to do to a "good samaritan."

All told, though, I want to thank this jack-off for saving me a lot of money. For all his spiel about people not trusting each other and not helping each other and all that shit, I will now never trust or give to people in the street who claim to need help. Thanks to Alan Freed Jr. Way to be part of the problem. Want a hand-out? Just be honest about it.
Posted By: MichaelEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-05-16 00:40:30
Met Mr. Midnight Magic at a coffee shop at Montgomery and Bush. Very excellent spiel, though I must admit I wasn't listening as closely as some of these other folks did. I enjoyed the bit about giving out 300 sandwiches a day, and about giving me a cashiers check for 10 million. I generally give out 20 bucks a week anyway, and he looked like he could use a good meal, so I gave the guy 20 bucks to get his Rolls out of the Sutter-Stockton garage, though generally folks who drive a Rolls-Royce look a bit less like they've spent night in an ally. I'm supposed to meet him day after tomorrow to get my 20 back and he did mention something about giving me a cashiers check for 10 million dollars: Do you think he'll be there to repay my loan? And do you think I'll get my 10 million?

Posted By: (Anonymous)Email: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-06-08 04:33:17
I bought him lunch and gave him some money. He didn't give me the Alan Freed speil, though after he had the money he promised me $10 mil. He spent most of the time talking about how terrible George Bush is. Perhaps he figured it would resonate with a young person like me. he said he visited bush in person and offered him $1B to renounce satan, which he would not. He said he was barmitzva'd at the wailing wall where 10,000 people came to honor him. and that he was also baptized. heck, jesus was barmitzva'd and baptized. Frankly, i like the guy. his stories are so wild, i'm thrilled that they still work on people. It's like riding on a steam boat or somehting. if i see him again, i'll totally buy him lunch, though i probably won't give him more money.
Posted By: samEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-07-05 18:32:02
Wow, I'm impressed.

I found this site by googling 'con man' and being intrigued by the subject matter. This would make a great book or story for a news program...I've had no experience with Americans, either you're gullible or he's reeeeeeally good!

Posted By: TiffanyEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-07-21 17:29:22
This is so crazy. This guy almost got me luckily I did'nt have any money on me at the time because I was really going to give it to him. He might be a millionaire by now, with all the people he's scamming. I ran into my job after talking with him and went online and saw this. I then ran back outside and confronted him and he said there is a guy impersonating him then he wanted to know what the web site said. He has a really good mouth piece minus the missing teeth you have to admit the guy tells a damn good convincing story about his rolls royce in the stockton parking garage and his rich grandfather. It's unbelievable how many people this man has coned. I was almost a victim. He lost me when he started saying "The Boss" created God, good thing I believe in God cause I had to walk away. I was really contemplating going to the ATM for him. This guy needs a reality show.
Posted By: Ben DanielsEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-08-05 20:33:52
I remember this asshole calling himself
Alan Freed Jr. and running a scam. He
was getting onoxious. This was a couiple
of years ago in Union Square. I would have
enjoyed beating him to death. Too many
fucking security and witnesses. There was
a guy who did come up to me saying I was
stupid for not buying his crappy art. He
wouldn't get out of my face. I punched him
in the face and threw him into incomming
traffic on Geary. Vigilantism rules.
Posted By: Mike WelchEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-08-10 17:39:24
All of these stories are very interesting. I met Mr. Midnight Magic yesterday in front of Carl's Junior gave him $20 to help him get his '81 rolls royce out of the parking garage. I walked with him to the garage and he gave me a ride back to my office in his burgundy classic. Today I just got back from going with him to Washington Mutual bank and collecting my $9 million dollar cashier check. I can't believe that this happend to me!! All from helping someone out. All you suckers never showed up obviously.
Posted By: sucka freeEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2006-11-06 05:36:27
He's still at it.. This time he is still named "Alan" but he said he inherited his money (6.9 BILLION dollars) because his grandfather owned half of Las Vegas.
It is a shame this site has been attached by spam bots.. Please try and fix it, you are doing a good service here. This Freed character seems harmless enough, but the fact that he actually does show up at his second meetings has me weirded out big time.
Posted By: xasthurEmail:
Date Posted: 2008-04-15 16:29:59
haha, i didn't give him a dime, but what a character!!!
Posted By: Don LamsonEmail:
Date Posted: 2008-07-03 17:49:47
I am an old friend of Alan's. Not the con man; but the Real Alan Freed jr. I went to High school with him. I'm trying to reconnect with him so if anyone here knows how to reach him; please give him my email address.

Don Lamson
Posted By: Donna SummersEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2009-05-04 22:32:36
Wow these stories are great. I feel so cool that I met someone so famous. I met him, he called himself midnight magic, yesterday when I was shopping. I suppose I was picked because I had 3 shopping bags so I looked like I had money. He stopped me I thought to ask for directions asking if I worked or lived in the city which I said no. And started on a his story about his movie, which just went in one ear and out the other, I just wanted him to get to the point. Nothing made sense to me asking me for 23 dollars to get his rolls royce out of the garage lol kinda believable but not enough. I didnt have 23 dollars so he said to go to the atm I said no. He went into the god thing or what he calls "the boss" and trying to guilt me into giving him money thats when I got really annoyed. I'll give u five he kept pushing saying anyone in my family who is dying or sick then they wont get better because I'm being selfish. I walked away, fuck anyone who wishes bad karma on my family. As I walked away he yelled "Have a happy self-centered life and mommy and daddy buy u everything" Interesting since I was raised in a single family home on a teacher's salary. Even though I was annoyed and pissed yesterday, it's actually quite funny to know that it's a scam. What an interesting scam. The only thing was I have had my car stuck in the parking lot because I did not have enough money to get out but If I needed 23 dollars I would ask 23 people for a dollar rather than one person for 23, that's all I could keep thinking. Still funny scam, glad i didnt lose any money.
Posted By: MatthewEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2009-05-24 04:48:12
I'm so glad I didn't fall for his scam but I've been approached too many times before.
Posted By: BenjaminEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2009-09-20 19:55:17
Today I was approached by this guy while I was sketching in union square. First he said he had something to tell me that would change my life, but I would have to open up and be positive. He told me he was the grandson of Meyer Lansky, and was the subject of a motion picture starring Robin Williams as him, Danny Glover and Billy Crystal, directed by Steven Spielberg. He told me he wanted our meeting to be the last scene in his movie, and if I wanted, I could play it opposite Robin Williams. He said the movie was about how every year he gives the homeless 500 sandwiches, and that all the actors were doing it for free out of respect. He said what he needed was 18 dollars to get home, and that he would meet me within the next 2 days and pay me back. He really had his whole spiel down, and I finally gave him 20 bucks after about 20 minutes of nonstop chatter. I think maybe I'll draw a short comic about the whole thing, kind of makes it worthwhile. He's about 5' 6" skinny, wearing a cap (not a baseball hat, a cap) thick rimmed sunglasses, I'd guess his age at between 45-55, jewish, Short ratty beard, rough hands with swollen joints, slightly hunched, missing all his teeth. - PS someone should clean up the huge amount of spam on this board, if thats possible.
Posted By: ChrisEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2010-04-26 16:28:13
Son of a bitch! So much for human kindness. He got 40 bucks off me. I will never help another person in SF again. This is bullshit. I do hope I see the man again. If I do, I'm gonna pull my 40 bucks out of his ass and replace it with my boot. That piece of shit!

BTW: Someone really needs to clean up the spam on this board...
Posted By: AnonEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2011-08-18 17:43:15
Just saw this guy on Powell between Sutter and Bush. He said something to get my attention and I asked him to repeat it. He then told me that he thought I had been brought to him. I said "I doubt that" and he then asked if I had heard of midnight magic. I told him sorry and started to walk away and he walked the other way muttering something at me. I looked up midnight magic and found this site. Very useful!

Just to update on his appearance. He was wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, a cap, and thick rimmed sunglasses. Didn't notice his teeth. He had an east coast accent, sounded Jewish to me. He no longer had a beard but kind of mutton chops.

Sorry to all of those who lost something to this schmuck.
Posted By: DeeEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2011-08-20 23:51:56
This guy came up to chat to me in Union Square on the 12th of August. I was visiting and unaware that you couldn't smoke in the square, so he informed me, then followed me onto the sidewalk and started with this "Do you believe in destiny?" stuff. I don't, and I thought he was a religious nut, so I entertained him. Told me my life was about to change for the better and asked me if I believed that.... I said I did, because I'm used to religious types. He told me how there was a movie being made about him, this "Midnight Magic", this rich eccentric who gave all his belongings away, car stuck in the garage, etc. I gave him 10 dollars for his efforts, 10 dollars isn't much in euro, then we actually had a good fifteen minute talk about the correlation between homelessness and addiction. I admire the guy even though he is a conman, because he is very intelligent obviously, and the fact that he did hang around to talk to me even though he knew I had no more money on me and he wasn't looking for anything more. He was wearing a red polo tshirt underneath a green v-neck sweater and slacks. And a hat. I didn't really look him over because I could tell right away he wasn't really a rich gentleman in need of some help. He did offer to meet me the following evening to pay me back (telling me what he would pay me back would take care of my trip and the rest of my life) but I wasn't bothered. He said "So pass it on then?" I said he should but I know he wont. I hung out in Union Square for three days and gave away about $30 in change and handouts, he worked harder for his $10 than any of the other bums walking about singing songs or shouting "Just one dollar!" at me.
Posted By: DaveEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2011-12-13 14:37:05
This dude conned be for $35 circa 2004 or 2005. I met him while walking to a garage sale to buy a cabinet (for $35). He told me a story about how his car was stuck in a lot in the East Bay and he needed $50 to get it out. He said that he spends a lot of money to make sandwiches and pass them out to homeless people every week but not what his car was stranded he couldn't get back home, etc. He said his name was Alan Freed, Jr. and teared up talking about how his "dad" (the radio DJ, Alan Freed) got a raw deal while Dick Clark got off scott-free in the original payola scandal. He managed to talk me in circles until I agreed to help him out. I honestly have no idea how he did it. I'm no sucker and had never been taken like that before. But then he is seriously a master at confidence tricks. After I gave him the money he said he was going to sing a song he wrote. As soon as he started singing I recognized it and knew he didn't write it and that he had conned me. He started walking away and I was a bit confused and started walking after him, but he hailed a cab and hopped in.
Posted By: SteveEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2012-04-02 14:42:37
I met Midnight Magic yesterday afternoon off Union Square, outside the Cartier store. He walked up to me and asked if he recognized me, I took a closer look and said no and then he went on a rant about blind faith. I decided to be polite and listen since I was waiting for someone anyway, and he went on about being Meyer Lansky's grandson and that there was a movie being made about him blah blah. Ha ha, I told him I wanted to look up his movie on my phone but he got nervous and kept talking... Same spiel about blind faith and ego and asked if I would help him out to get his car and he would return it to me ten-fold. I told him I couldn't help him and that I was not interested in his money, so he asked if I would just give it to him for nothing. I said I couldn't help him again... to which he started berating me. I said "thank you for proving me right" repeatedly as he kept berating me for having a huge ego and being selfish, and that karma would get me back. I just kept saying "Have a good day and thank you for proving me right" in my sarcastic tone. My experience with this scumbag is different from everyone else, but I don't understand how some folks can smile about this and say "best $40 I ever spent...". I do on occasion give homeless people money (though I prefer giving food), but when I don't they typically say goodbye with a smile and "God Bless". This guy was a straight-up asshole, enough said.
Posted By: LaszloEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2012-05-29 04:13:09
Thank you, everyone who has contributed here! It seems this con man continues to survive on a diet of lies and the exploitation of the good wishes of others.

I have changed these 'con man' pages around a lot. Find the links at the bottom of this page to other pages, including what information I have received about the probably 'real' Alan Freed, Jr.

Best wishes!

Posted By: AlainEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2012-08-16 00:35:29
I've been in SF for job training for a few weeks, and I was approached by 'Midnight Magic' this morning on my way to work on Powell street between Bush and Sutter near a parking garage. He opened up with 'you look familiar', then asked me if I played a bass guitar. When I said no, he asked if I played any instrument, again no.

He then told me he was Midnight Magic, and asked if I had heard of him; again, no. He told me the same story everyone else posted above - that his father left him billions of dollars and he helps people out all the time with millions and such, talking about 'gestures of kindness' like the one he was going to ask of me. The 'gesture of kindness' on my part was repeated a bunch of times in his story, and it just confirmed my suspicion that the whole thing was bullshit.

Right from the start I assumed this was a scam, I suppose I'm pretty pessimistic and hey, maybe even a little selfish, but it certainly was helpful here.

He asked me if I believed in fate or something like that, I replied 'no, I'm an atheist.' and he said he was a spiritual man but disliked the politics of religion - probably trying to strike a balance between how fate had brought us together. I was supposedly the 110th person he approached who actually talked to him, and his birthday is January 10th . How convenient!

He went on and on about gestures of kindness and his philanthropic work and such, I was getting pretty bored, when some guy walked behind him, looked at me, and smiled and nodded - I smiled and nodded back, knowing this guy was full of it. 'Alan' (I'm glad I didn't tell him I have the same name... he would have LOVED that) noticed me look at the guy and asked if I just saw a sign, 'Yep.' I said, and he paused for about 3 seconds or so - obviously knowing that his cover was blown - and made some crap up on the spot about some people not being visited by him later.

He then asked me if I believed a nod, or what my heart tells me. I said 'I believe what my brain tells me.' He then said 'I guess that's why you're an atheist...' and turned and walked away. I walked away, quickly checking my pockets to make sure nothing had disappeared during his whole spiel, and checked my backpack once I turned a corner in case there was another guy in on it who was planning to steal out of it while I was distracted - though the entire time I did have my hands over my wallet and was watching his hands in my peripheral vision to make sure he didn't try to steal from me.

He never got to the part about his car being stuck in the garage (he mentioned the sandwiches though) but I'm sure he would have said the same thing being that we were standing right in front of a parking garage.

In any case, it was a weird experience (funny that he tried to insult me by saying I'm an atheist), and I wasn't at all surprised when I found a few websites detailing his scams.
Posted By: AndrewEmail:
Date Posted: 2013-05-23 00:15:24
The stories vary slightly but all take the same path. Most accounts i've read, whether here or other site (Flickr and Tribe) all read the same. Some are left amused, mostly knowing the entire time that it's a scam but sticking around b/c it's entertaining. I too, though figured my $20 had been a gift and i'm not mad, just amused. While I don't agree with his "mission", i'm coining a key part of his scam here, nor his actions, I simply look at this as an interesting experience. I understand how others have more anger or are less amused. But this I must say, he is pretty good at this, inconsistencies and chinks in the armor easily detected during the exchange, he's pretty damn good. Too bad he's not using it for good.
Posted By: BobbyEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2013-07-31 00:42:13
I saw your friend tonight, 7.29.13, and he is still around. As of now, He is Meyer Lansky's son, but still telling the Robin Williams/Danny Glover/Billy Crystal movie story, complete with all of the fixings, the churches he stands in front of, the sandwiches he gives out, the drive back and forth to Calistoga, the parking garage on Sutter-Stockton with the Rolls Royce full of newspaper reports of all his nameless good deeds, the January 10 date of birth
Posted By: mikeEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2013-09-01 06:00:56
he’s still got it. I met him about 2 hours ago. Brilliant lunatic, asked me for the time, and then mentioned that he thought i was from his neck of the woods, New York. As I have been missing New York i decided to talk to him. Then he asks me if I recognize him. I say “u look a bit like Ben Kingsley … then i get the full monty Lansky, Freed story, the mansion in Calistoga which has only been visited by 4 people ever …the movie, which will end with a new scene to be filmed to commemorate his meeting me tonight, as I was the 110th person he had asked for the time, and i was the only nice one. At this point I was pretty sure this was going to be a scam, but when he asked for 36 dollars to get his car out, I thought “well that is less than i was going to spend on where i was otherwise headed” , so i gave him the money and asked him if he wanted to get some coffee and chat. So we went to a diner and we talked. I told him i did not want to hear more of the wealth story, lets just talk about new york … but he could not help injecting amazing stories every so often … playing against Gabe Kaplan in world series of poker for several million, and losing 4 aces to his own 4 queens. I said I would like to converse with Oliver Sacks and Martin Scorsese, and he said “that can be arranged” , it was a blast. I did feel bad for him when i asked him his age, and he said 57, when he clearly looks > 70. Anyway, it was the most entertaining meal i have had in a while. The whole time I kept thinking 'how appropriate, to meet this clever endearing con man on the weekend that the bridge is closed and people are petitioning to have it named after Emperor Norton"
Posted By: mikeEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2013-09-01 06:11:57
more details he gave me during our dinner
- his movie is directed jointly by speilburg, lucas and i forget the third.
- his Uncle Ben (Siegel) told his grandfather Meyer never to sell his casino stock, and Alan still has his shares in the Flamingo
- Danny DeVito lives not far from him in Calistoga, great guy but has does too much coke
- best of all, It was a 3 way race b/t Robin Williams, Bob DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman to see who would play Alan in the movie. Robin Williams won ... movie has been shot and has sat on shelf for 5 years waiting for proper ending
Posted By: AntonEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2013-10-15 02:51:23
Well he just got me too. I kinda sensed it was a con but it was worth it for the story and entertainment value. He is such a good story teller with elaborate details. I really had fun talking with this guy even though I gave him $22 and bought him some chicken nuggets at Jack in the box. Everyone knows how billionaires love nuggets right.
-I too was the 110th person and would have my life changed forever by my good deed to give him the time and talk with him. He was going to right me into the ending of his movie and give me money that would change my life.
-He is still working the movie ending theme with Robin Williams playing "Alan Freed Jr." as he calls himself.
-You may feel like a sucker to get scammed but it is a good learning experience and decent entertainment value for the money. Where else can you get an interactive one man show like that.
-He did go on a rant about the how he hates the internet probably because of this website.
-Maybe he is just living art and has got one over on all of us?

Posted By: BenEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2013-10-16 16:36:45
He's still at it. Today he was on Post street and Mason. Stopped me after making a comment about my tie. I always respond if someone says something to me. So I stopped and talked to him for a few minutes. He gave me the usual stories:

-Movie with Robin Williams and Danny Glover playing Willie Brown
-This was going to be the new ending and what I did was going to determine if it was a happy ending or a sad ending
-Came into the city with $14 but now his car was stuck at the Sutter/Stockton garage and he needed help to get it out
-I never carry cash for this reason but he explained that we could easily go to the ATM and that is of course the automatic walk away
-While he is kind of crazy he is at least a personality, just not one that's going to get any money off of a San Francisco native

He was wearing a blazer, jeans and a sweater, not terribly dressed so his story was initially believable.
Posted By: AndrewEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2013-12-16 23:22:24
He got me yesterday for $40. He approached me while I was in the line for the atm at Powell and Sutter. Whole story (Lansky, Freed, movie, car in garage, etc). Was initially pissed at my own stupidity, but knowing it was by a San Francisco legend is kind of fun.
Posted By: lolEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2014-03-11 03:50:05
HAHAHAHA Midnight Magic stikes again!! I live right above union square.. tonight i was waiting for my gf to come out of walgreens on bush and sutter.It was her birthday, we were on our way to the movies and had had a pretty nice day so i was in an unusually good mood.i never give anyone any money(food sometimes) as ive seen people who beg for money in the neighborhood retire to their nice apartment buildings at night.(a lot of them are not homeless at all) i usually would never have given this guy money but as everyone else has said he was realllly good,entertaining, genuine and quite convincing. i think he really beleives what hes saying. i didnt really believe him but gave him a 5 spot regardless to help him out with whatever and also so he'd leave us alone and we could be on our way. He then proceeded to hassle me for more money! i told him i didnt have is and he started arguing with me.. my gf then pulled me away. if i see him again.. which i prob will. im def gonna fuck with him a little bit. or maybe ill just congratulate him and say tu shay. havnt decided yet.
Posted By: MiraEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2014-03-15 23:10:27
I meet this con man today at the corner of Taylor and Post while I was out walking my dog. I'll be meeting him at this very corner on Monday to collect my life changing check in exchange for the $22 he got from me. I hope it needed it more than me!
Posted By: 110THEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2014-05-02 04:33:33
I first encountered him two weeks ago. He had the exact same story everyone else is talking about. He is rich, they are making a movie about him, etc. and he just needs money to get his car out of the garage. I saw him again a week later in the same area, he got some kid outside the Chancellor Hotel. I saw him again tonight. He tends to work around Union Square on Thursday nights. He was in that area all three times I saw him.
Posted By: BruceEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2015-04-20 00:06:41

I own a small software development company, based in New Zealand. One of our clients is interested to know if you would consider selling

Please send an email to my private address if you are at all interested.

Many thanks, Bruce

Posted By: DDEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2015-12-15 21:33:41
He's outside Lories Diner near Post now. Got a burger, fries, and a 5$ from me. Now the story is grandson on Meyer Lansky, drives a 1968 Silver Rolls, needs 20$ to get it out of the Stockton garage. Good story teller but is starting to trend to the aggressive after a few minutes. God speed to him though. What a community of givers here!
Posted By: KPEmail:
Date Posted: 2016-05-20 11:44:28
So I did have quite the encounter last night 05/19/16 with Mr. Alan, first he said his last name when I got the whole I am rich & this will benefit me in the end. I felt bad anyways cause he looked old and I figured he needed to eat. Well after 20 minutes I got irritated and wanted to leave. He gave the same story I have seen on here about his car stuck in the garage and he needs just 15$ to get it out. He has envelopes of money at home in Sausalito and he would meet me back at the same spot tomorrow. I knew he wouldn't, but I also know I will definitely see him again. I will definitely be the one telling him a story this time, maybe even get my money back. Either way the guy is a piece of shit, lying about helping people and he hasn't done shit but rip people off. His old ass won't be around for much longer, hopefully he chokes on his crap voice he tried to make sound good. Its amazing that this loser has been doing his since 2005 makes me even more mad.
Posted By: StephenEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2017-02-09 20:33:58
He got me back in the summer of 1998. He was dressed in an overcoat with a fedora-like hat. He looked like Humphrey Bogart with a mullet and a feather earring, with a neat bag from a ritzy department store standing next to his chair. Same basic story as everybody else. Son of Alan Freed the famous DJ. How he helps those who he sees helping the poor. ATM meeting planned the following day. I told him about a guy who'd conned me in NYC (for a lot more money) in 1997 and I explained how the guy had done it. His ears really pricked at that and he seemed to listen avidly, with a student's fascination. I gave him $20 with the condition that he let me take a couple of pictures of him, since I thought he looked so interesting. He was skeptical of my motives at first but consented. He might have wanted his face obscured a little. Unfortunately it was nighttime and they came out a bit blurry. I wish I'd reported him to the police and saved many of you from some grief, but I didn't think there was anything I could do. Plus I couldn't prove anything. I saw him a couple of times after that; once he was giving a spiel to some naive-looking young guy. I said hello to him, he eventually recognized me and complained that I hadn't showed up at his ATM at the designated time. I gave him some vague responses after he followed me and - amazingly enough - gave me the exact same garage story he'd given me a few nights before! Another time I saw him fingering the coin drop of a payphone, looking desperate.
Posted By: DGEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2017-07-10 12:54:45
He’s still at it in 2017. He called out to me that “I looked very familiar” in an alleyway near Sansome & Sacramento. He rambled on about how he was a wealthy guy and that he comes to SF every year to pose as a homeless guy testing for kindness, and then repays those who give to him with an unbelievable sum the following day. He rambled on about how he was the guy that had been planting $100 envelopes in parks around SF and something about how he was previously a performer in Vegas. I even got the singing treatment from him. I never had any intention of giving him money -- but I did kind of enjoy hearing him spin his stories. His charm vanished pretty quickly, though, when I told him I wasn’t giving him any money -- and after that he walked off pretty quickly.

I would assume that he’s a long-time crack or meth addict given that he had no teeth and he seemed pretty manic. It’s sad actually since he seemed to be fairly intelligent and articulate.
Posted By: RolandEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2017-11-23 08:05:08
Hi Lazlo, I am interested in getting the domain because it is a word from the Kogi (native indians in Colombia) and basically means kind of "beginning", "infinite mind", "spirit". Would be great to contact me if you are interested.
All the best,
Posted By: TTEmail: (hidden)
Date Posted: 2017-12-08 16:20:32
Yep, still at it. Met him today in an alley in SF off of Bush Street near Montgomery. Same treatment as DG reported above. I got the song too. He wanted $24 to get his car out of the Sutter Stockton garage so he could go back to Calistoga to get the envelopes that he'd forgotten, etc.

He's clever, and, yes, quite articulate. I got away unscathed.

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