AMULETS, CHARMS, & TALISMANS The Oracle is pissily clearing out debris from a cave-in and there's nothing here right now.


Hold please while she turns over the record. You should be able to hear something scratchy shortly.




















this page is affiliated loosely with Bat's BAT CAFE

Bat offers the standard disclaimer: blah, blah, blah -- the the Oracle's utterances are the Oracle's own and are not necessarily the view of the "station." (don't write us, we'll write you, blah, blah blah)

The Oracle's ravings only appear in this venue as a public menace. Er, service. No. Menace. Same thing.

It's been decided that this venue is a flippn' bad vehicle for an Oracle. And the Oracle spits at Bat fondly, and misses.

Because as to vehicles,the Oracle really would have preferred a Citroen DuCheveaux.



last updated Ides of March 2002

You've been duly forewarned.



Thanks a bunch. Come back real soon, y'hear?