This tribute was originally printed in Issue 10 of Sins of Coffee, Fall 1993.




(aka Norman E.E. Whited)

October 1961-June 1993

Norman Sanders Hearthrob, one of the founding members of the NewNoire Stars of the '90s, the obscure and dwindling creative group with which this very 'zine is affiliated, had the audacity to go and die on us earlier this year. His body of work within the group included several short stories (some of which have been printed in earlier issues of Sins of Coffee), a finished novel, two unfinished novels, one of the leading roles in our cheesy film, "Une Saison En Enfer, Mon Amour," and, last but not least, the Antagonistic Pedestrian cartoons. As a tribute to him, we are reprinting all his existing Antagonistic Pedestrian comics, which show, in toto, the evolution of this strange super anti-hero.

An avid fan of cemetery tours, Norman is now vying for landmark status as his ashes were placed in a martini shaker and decorated with Munsters ornaments and placed in a niche in the Columbarium in San Francisco. Norman is doubtlessly busy now, wherever he is, drawing out the battlelines on ethereal crosswalks and making the cosmos not necessarily safer, but definitely more sardonic, for pedestrians everywhere.

He will be deeply missed.

- Fall 1993



Norman's Niche

in the

Columbarium, San Francisco





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