"Open Letter To Midnight Magic"

Laszlo, 2006

We had a deal.

You told me a story of who you were and the deal you were proposing. You claimed to be philanthropic, giving of your time and energy to those less fortunte. You told stories of how you made sandwiches by the hundreds and and how you gave them away to persons in great need. You made yourself out to be someone of significant means but who was momentarily in immediate need.

Once you had made your needs clear to me, you asked what I thought. I opened up to you telling you of my learned distrust of people. I told you stories of how I'd given help to people, only to discover that I'd been lied to and that I'd been taken advantage of. I told you that I had been lied to and hurt by the rich and poor alike. I told you how skeptical I was of your story.

You specifically reassured me of your position. You guarenteed that my relationship with you would not only be a positive one, but a wonderful and life changing experience.

I agreed to loan you the money you needed to complete your philanthropic mission. I agreed to meet you two days later, at a specific place, at a specific time. I shook your hand and went on to complete what I had begun before we met.

That day came. That time came. I came to be at that place, but you did not. You failed to fulfill your commitment. You have not contacted me, although you know several ways to do so.

You did not repay your loan. You have disappointed me. I believe now that my original skepticism was correct. I believe now that you lied to me about everything. I believe now that you specifically fabricated a tale designed to manipulate me into being kind. I do not know these things for a fact, but your apparently dishonorable actions force me to assume such.

I am not afraid to be incorrect or to be shown that I am incorrect. When angered by a friend, the friendship will always trump the anger. Chances to make ammends are enthusiastically given. Misunderstandings and accidents are easily resolved. Lost ground is easily recouperated. However, when another chooses to define our relationship as one of destructive competition, so shall they find themselves, challenged in kind.

I ask you now to fix it. Repay the loan. Make some effort to repair the trust you worked so hard to get me to extend to you, but which has now been lost.

Each alliance we form creates something greater than the sum of its parts. Each antagonism we hold reduces the worth and ability of everyone involved. It's up to each of us to define our own relationships. I base my relationships on mutual fidelity and I enjoy the benefits thereof. On what do you base your relationships? And what to you think you will receive as a result?

Bust a deal, face the wheel.

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