Amnesia's Grand Exit

by Omewenne Grimstone


Sent away with
old brittle bones
the memory of
stolen screams
of stolen eyes
replaced by
two ghosts
these my ghost eyes
funeral of eyes
now resurrected
into the fog
when pain
comes down
like the stillness
of a train wreck's
great twisted coil
now useless and undone
left there
with a faint
fear from a past stabbed
in the back
eyes of ghosts
holding me
holding within
the dripping weapon
now dropped
without a thud
upon the wooden floor
without a sound as yet
but look Amnesia makes
a grand exit
and the coil
is unwound
like briars from
the forehead on the
corpse of christ.


The reaching clouds
like claws
grasp the train
of Amnesia's
grand exit
drawn out drama
beneath the veil of
glittering and blinding
those who will Amnesia
in the thousand
reflections of
only themselves
because they could
never see
her face
until now as
diamonds shatter
like glass to the ground
and the claws that reach
for Amnesia
crumble like
old plaster