Coffee Table


Blood Winter  – by Elizabeth Myrddin

An atmospheric dream tale.

Diatribe of a Scavenger  –  by Mordantia Bat

A disillusioned vampire aficionado rants and toasts some bagels.

East is East, West is West  – by Turner Morgan

A unique vampire story set in "the rotting corpse of Tokyo."

On Videotape in This Library:
The Consummation of Marcel & Beatrice's Marriage
–  by Mordantia Bat

A story of expectations skewed.

Prozac: an Opera  –  by le Marquis Déjà Dû

It's an opera! It's a satire! It's nymphs and princes in awe-inspiring spandex!

Reading the Entrails  –  by Mordantia Bat

A horror parable written in tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

Rope Burn  – by Elizabeth Myrddin

"Delia's adoration of herself was eclipsed only by the envy she felt she received from others."
Sharing fantasies with others can be troublesome. A sardonic little tale.

safer sex  –  by mice r.r.

Musings on life, death, blood, and injustice  –  amongst other things.

That Stupid Slut  –  by Elizabeth Myrddin

A delicious farce. Jonquil records in her diary the peculiar adventure she and her brother, Jodhpur, have in an altern ate universe. "Sometimes I hate my life." - Jonquil


Amnesia's Grand Exit  –  by Omewenne Grimstone

Archaeology and Outta Love  –  by Stephen Prosper

C Rasputin Goes Wading and Winners and Still Champions  –  by C Ra McGuirt

Chaotism Day  –  by Gunther Palmer

Citizens of Hell  –  by Michael Totten

Gazpacho  –  by le Marquis Déjà Dû

Initiation  –  by Delirium

A Season in Hell with Bat  –  by Mordantia Bat

She's Got the Face For Watching Murder and Coffee House Cat  –  by Larry Blazek  


Antagonistic Pedestrian Series  –  by Norman Sanders Hearthrob


Tribute to Norman Sanders Hearthrob