safer sex

by mice r.r

y friend told me that there have been several reports of gangs in the Florida area participating in blood initiations and other related activities; in other words vampirism. i find this really interesting. here we are living in the nineties and were not even sure if the planet earth is going to be around for another 25 years and teenagers are engaging in a fiction that is connected with immortality. i don't want to be the one to tell them but sharing blood isn't going to get them to live forever. it more probably will bring them into contact with the HIV virus. i'm sure that they realize this. and i don't really think that they believe that this will make them immortal. more to the point it is a violent and severe act, and a lust for violence unfortunately is something that seems will last forever, or the end of life on earth. in about 25 years from now. if these kids don't contract acquired immune deficiency syndrome the should be around forty years old.

are witches vampires? well i can bet that some are. the witch can mean almost anything. its a word akin to love. what a pimp fells for his whore he probably calls love. most people would say that they love their children. in the same way that it is difficult to say "you don't feel love for me," it is difficult to say "you are not a witch." everyone has to decide what being a witch is for them and then they may be able to decide whether or not that description applies to them. these kids if you asked them would probably say that they're witches. and in a way i would have to agree. they are playing with death, and using death in order to activate their own power. seeing death is a sure fire method to change your life. once you see your own death you won't be able to go back, you won't be able to rest easily in your mother's arms like you once did. almost getting run over by a train when the signal didn't go down on the morning after my senior prom seemed to be a little taste of that. in these kids eyes i'm a late bloomer. nowadays it happens when you're twelve or ten. i'm not complaining. i think that most adolescents and younger have correctly assessed that no one is going to take care of them or give them anything for the rest of their lives. these ten-year-olds have decided that they need to provide for their own needs or perish. and so they are interested in any form of power that they can possibly amass onto themselves. if that means breaking the rede, the law, or their word what do they care? what has the law ever done for them? not much other than hassle them.

well Jocelyn Elders was fired for suggesting that it might be a good idea to discuss masturbation in sexual education classes. just great! its not that her idea was dismissed or not recognized, she was punished for an idea. can you believe that that is how our government works? i mean how can they claim that they are interested in finding solutions to the aids crisis when they fire people for proposing possible solutions? i'm not even saying that this would be what we should do. i'm just asking if masturbation is an idea punishable by termination of employment. is this the sort of future that i have to look forward to? christ! who is masturbation hurting? i'll admit that i might be a little nerved if my health teacher started talking about it. it worked out for me and i basically taught myself. even though i was taught that it was a sin. i realize now that it is not a sin and people shouldn't be silenced for proposing it. if you think its a good idea tell it to your own kids, if you have any. if you don't have any kids then congratulations! chances are, masturbation has worked fairly well for you as a method of birth control. i would like to suggest it as a substitute for any of you interested in vampirism. its really a lot healthier, a excellent source of inner power -- no power over situations necessary -- , and it greatly reduces the chance of you contracting HIV, over vampirism that is.


This story originally appeared in SINS of COFFEE, Issue #13, 1996.